Coach Announcement for Team India Mixed – WUGC2016

David Hampson Photo Credit: Brian Canniff

David Hampson
Photo Credit: Brian Canniff

We are thrilled to introduce to you all, the coach of Team India Mixed for the World Ultimate and Guts Championship 2016, David Hampson.

Hailing from Middletown, Delaware, David got introduced to Ultimate by his sister when he was in college. He played with the Heva Havas in 2013, Blowing Heat in 2014 and Trenton Takers in 2015 – these being regional level club teams in America. He also played professional Ultimate (AUDL) with the Philadelphia Phoenix from 2013 – 2015. In 2014, he spent a month travelling around the world with photographer Brian Canniff, teaching Ultimate to US troops stationed in Singapore, Bahrain and Diego Garcia. His coaching experience also includes coaching the University of Delaware Men’s team in 2015 and currently the University of Delaware Women’s team. This is the first time he will be coaching a national team headed to Worlds.

David believes in putting 110% effort at all times and hopes to bring offbeat ideas, a different perspective, a fun learning environment and a positive mental attitude to carry to Worlds.

On a non-Ultimate note, he loves travelling, meeting new people and making friends. Hope all of you are as excited as we are to welcome him here! 🙂

PS: David is ambidextrous! So if you ever need tips on how to huck comfortably with either of your hands, you know who to get in touch with.

Coach : Team India Open for WUGC2016

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 21.40.51We’re hereby excited to announce the coach of Team India Open for World Ultimate and Guts Championships 2016, London – Matthew Zemel (Matty)!

Matty comes with great playing experience, having played at College Nationals, Club Nationals, and Major League Ultimate in the US. Here are some of the teams he has played for, and some of his past experience:

  • University of Colorado Mamabird (2009-2011)

– University Team Captain – Mamabird (2010/2011)

  • USA Ultimate All-Region Player (2010 and 2011)
  • Denver Johnny Bravo (2010-2011, 2013)
  • NexGen Tour (2011)
  • Seattle Sockeye (2012)
  • Seattle Rainmakers (2013-2014)

Matty’s coaching experience:

  • Coached on the NexGen Tour in 2011
  • Coach with Seattle Sockeye and Riot in 2013 in Germany
  • Coach with Camp Ultimate Peace in 2014 in Israel
  • Currently a high school coach in Washington State along with Ben Wiggins (his role model)

Matty brings with him the experience of a successful player from one of the top club teams in the world and the values of Ultimate Peace – friendship, trust and leadership between youth.

The Indian Open Team Coaching opportunity came about through Mario O’Brien (RISEup Ultimate) and Brian Canniff (Brian Canniff Photography).

Team India Open would be his first stint with a National Team.

Let us all give him a warm welcome into our community!

PS: Matty is an Aerospace Engineer who is also going to be a Doctor soon, will probably make him the ideal son for Indian parents.


Team India (Women’s) Announces Fitness Coach For WUGC 2016

Team India (Women’s) is pleased to announce Arvind Ashok as the fitness coach selected to prepare the team for the World Ultimate and Guts Championships 2016.

We spoke with the nominated folks about their proposed plan for the team, skill, experience and ability to commit time.

Arvind’s application stood out in the interview process as he applied experience from being a part of several national and international Ultimate tournaments, over the years, including the World Championships of Beach Ultimate 2015, where he he was fitness coach and player on Team India (Mixed). He impressed with his understanding of what our athletes needed most. He has the experience of working with over 300 people, both fitness enthusiasts and athletes. He is Head Coach/Co-Founder at The Quad, a fitness enterprise based out of Chennai.

Arvind will work hands on with the team at our training camps and engage online with individual athletes through the course of the campaign. 

Welcome onboard, Arvind! 

Abhinav & Udaya Kumar “Box”
Coaching staff – Team India (Women’s)

Feedback for selection process

“India Ultimate is setting a record in sending 4 teams to the World Championships in 2016! Please help us to improve the selection process by providing feedback. If you were happy with the process, filling the form will take less than 2 minutes of your time. If not, take your time and make use of an opportunity to contribute to make our growing ultimate community better. Thank you!”

Brick By Brick (BBB) National Ultimate Frisbee Leadership Workshop – 2016

Announcing ‘Brick By Brick – 2016’, National Ultimate Frisbee Leadership Workshop.

Brief about BBB : The first edition of BBB last year had 60 leader from teams all over India come together for this workshop. It’s a space for invited speaker and participants to share/ discuss everything related to Ultimate Frisbee. Last year the topics ranged from Team Culture to How to teach Vertical Stack.

The 2nd edition will be conducted in February 2016

Dates: Feb 2nd – 4th, 2016. ( Just before Auroville HAT for logistical convenience) 

Venue: Auroville, Tamilnadu.

Registration to the event is OPEN TO EVERY TEAM IN INDIA ( 2-3 players with a minimum of one girl representative, registration is through the team captains )

Call for crew:  We are looking for people interested in being part of this year’s organising crew.

Some of the responsibilities of the crew will be taking care of Logistics, Equipment Management, Topic review with speakers, Communications, Scheduling and Time Management etc.
Please message Sangeetha Manoharan on social media or send an email to to find out more.

International Spirit of the Game Day – Dec 3rd

UPAI Supports “International Spirit of the Game Day – Dec 3rd” and request all our members to participate by joining the event online, participating and spreading the word. 

**Let’s make it count.  Join in to help spread the importance of SOTG.

 Spirit of the Game (SOTG) is a deliberate and consistent behaviour displayed by (Beach) Ultimate Frisbee players worldwide. It includes skills such as proper use and knowledge of the rules; fair-mindedness; clear and respectful communication; spatial awareness; as well as a positive attitude towards opponents and teammates. 

However, even more importantly, players value and demonstrate SOTG off-the-field as well in their daily lives. 

To recognize, celebrate and promote these behaviours, the International Spirit of the Game Day was born: December 3, 2015. Mark it in your calendar! Invite your friends!


Share an example of Spirit of the Game in real life and you have the chance to win one of 15 amazing Spirit of the Game prizes from these supporting organizations: Boon, Breakmark, Double Happiness, Five, Flip, Force, Gaia, Lookfly, Luckygrass, Rubixwear, Scu2, Savage, Spin, VC, and Zue!


* Download the Spirit package that includes the Spirit icons and logos at
* Take a picture or video something that represents Spirit of the Game in your life
* Add the appropriate icon to it
* Upload your video/picture to the event page by December 10, 2015:
* Winners get notified on December 28, 2015!


For more information about Spirit of the Game, please visit

Many thanks to Filip Dinis and Salsa for the Spirit concept and icons, Savage for the Spirit Day logo, as well as the World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF), E.R.I.C. and BULA Beach Ultimate to make this day possible.

( Text in Italics as is from )

Legal Counsel for UPAI

 Jaideep Bachher  has been appointed as the Legal Counsel for UPAI.

A Legal Counsel is “A person who is legally qualified and licensed to represent a person/ organization in a legal matter, such as a transaction or lawsuit”.

( This blogpost is on behalf of the Executive Board UPAI )

WFDF Updated World Ranking: India #31 (Up by 4)

Today WFDF released an update to the World Ultimate Ranking list for WFDF member nations who have participated in major events over the past 4 years. This update takes into the account the recent results from the WFDF World Under 23 Ultimate Championships, held from July 11 to 18 in London.

In essence:

  • #1: United States of America (294 points)
  • #2: Canada (276 points)
  • #3: Great Britain (210 points)
  • #3: Germany (210 points; ▲2 ranks)
  • #5: Japan (205 points)
  • #17: Philippines (52 points; ▲1 ranks)
  • #19: Singapore (48 points; ▼2 ranks)
  • #30: Estonia (18 points; ▼1 ranks)
  • #31: India (16 points; ▲4 ranks)
  • #32: Portugal (15 points; ▼2 ranks)
  • #33: Hong Kong (13 points)
  • #33: People’s Republic of China (13 points)
  • #35: South Korea (12 points)
  • #36: Chinese Taipei (10 points; ▲4 ranks)
  • #38: United Arab Emirates (8 points; ▲1 ranks)
  • #46: Qatar (1 point)

For the full and official ranking, see the WFDF post on their web site.

Western Ultimate Open 2015: Mini Tournament Initiative for the Growth of Ultimate in Western Region of India

by: Vardan Kabra

Discussion almost started 3 months back in May, we were thinking to plan Ultimate league matches of Gujarat teams but then we thought we won’t have enough teams in Gujarat alone to do so. Then it would be better to start by organizing a mini-tournament of 2 days between the teams of Western region of India which would include teams from four major Ultimate playing cities i.e. Ahmedabad, Surat, Pune and Mumbai.

This gave rise to the formation of a Whatsapp group and after long long conversations and different opinions on the place and date, Surat was chosen as the venue for the tournament as it’s the central location for everyone. Surat Ultimate decided a to host and organise it on 15th and 16th of August (Luckily 15th August came out to be on a Saturday).

Initially we thought there would be 2 teams from Ahmedabad, 1 from Pune, 1 from Mumbai and 2-3 from Surat but we all were surprised to have a participation of around 16 teams and about 200-220 players with 4 teams from Ahmedabad, 1 from Pune, 9 teams from Surat and 2 teams from Mumbai.

During our discussion on whatsapp group there were few things that we all wanted to work upon.

1. Have fun.

2. Teaching the importance of SOTG (Spirit of the Game) to the new players.

3. Filling spirit sheets and teaching it to new players.

4. Improving skills of new players through local or mini tournaments.

5. Spreading awareness regarding Ultimate to new players.

As our priority was to have fun, we did not restrict any teams to any specific ratio and kept this tournament open and that both captains decided before every match on what ratio they will or can play.

The options given were – 4:2:1 (Four experience boys + 2 girls + 1 beginner) or 5:2 (Five experience boys + 2 beginners boys/girls) or anything which suited the teams.

I think this was one of the major reason why so many teams showed up for this tournament. And interesting to note was that girls got to play fully in all the matches – with captains agreeing to have varying ratios on the number of girl players.

It was hosted over 4 fields of Fountainhead School and teams were divided into two divisions – advance (experienced) and intermediate (beginners). Division was on the basis of the experience of participating teams. Team names and their city, initial and final seedings and few of the top spirited teams are mentioned below.

Team City Final Seeding Initial Seeding
Jumbish Surat 1 1
Zero Gravity Surat 2 5
Dream Catchers Ahmedabad 3 2
Flying Spirits Pune 4 4
Chak Mak Surat 5 8
Silent Voice A Ahmedabad 6 7
Hurricane Chasers Mumbai 7 6
Toofan Mumbai 8 3
Flying Ninja Ahmedabad 9 13
Minions Surat 10 9
Silent Voice B Ahmedabad 11 10
Final Destination Surat 12 11
Bahubali Surat 13 14
Planet Jumbish Surat 14 12
Mighty Midgets Surat 15 16
Game Changer Surat 16 15

As it was focused more on having fun and spirit, we decided to give only SOTG award to the most spirited team. SOTG Award was sponsored by Silent Voice in memory of their coach-cum-mentor late Piyush Vaghela and Nilesh Solanki.

The SOTG was awarded to Toofan and their were followed by Hurricane Chasers at 2nd and Zero Gravity at 3rd position.

Western Ultimate Pic

The 2015–2017 UPAI Executive Board (EB)

the election closed this morning and the result is as follows:

  • President: Manickam “Manix” Narayanan (71% of votes)
  • Vice President: Tharakai “Thara” Natesan (nominated by President)
  • Treasurer: Vivek Pandya (nominated by Advisory Board)
  • Secretary: Sneha Patil (89% of votes)

Congratulations and all the best to the new office bearers. Let’s support and help th to make their terms a success.

Also, major thanks to the outgoing EB: Jaidip, Boon, Dushyant and Arjun.

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